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6" long with long (3/4") and short (9/16") teeth for easier combing through thick fur or double-coated breeds.

Etched bronze back and stainless steel teeth mean quality, rugged construction, easier handling and stylish appearance. 7-1/2" combs are available in regular or anti-static black teflon coating. Black coating reduces static.

These heavy-duty combs come in 12" and 10" lengths. Modelled after the "Liz Paul" Comb, but with improvements. With an 80% Coarse side for general grooming, and a 20% fine side for detailing. The larger 10mm round back is made of blue anodized aluminum with 1-1/2" stainless steel tapered teeth. Very light-weight, but strong.


Is the first professional cordless clipper with lithium-ionic battery technology on the market.
A powerful, rechargeable clipper designed for all-day, heavy-duty use. Thanks to the lithium-ionic battery technology, there is no need for power cord at all. The clipper will run continuously for one hour with a fully charged battery and the recharging time is less than 45 minutes.Thanks to the two charging bays in the charger, you will always have a fully charged battery ready to go.
All well known A5 type blades will fit the Saphir clippers and the accurate blade support will keep the blades in firm position reducing wear and tear.

Small, powerful and stylish, low-noise, high-performance 35w permanent magnet motor. 2 high-performance batteries with the latest Lithium-ion technology for continuous clipping. Over 50 minutes of clipping time with less than 45 minutes of charging time.
All well known A5 type blades will fit the Saphir clippers and the accurate blade support will keep the blades in firm position reducing wear and tear.

The small but powerful electric clipper, powerful 35w small animal clipper with 3m cord for continuous clipping. A "must have" for the professional groomer. Large selection of exchangeable clipping heads compatible with Andis, Moser, Oster and Wahl. Includes clipping blades, charger unit, oil, brush and instruction manual.


Specialty Shampoos

Fantastic degreasing shampoo. Adds texture and volume for show coats. Makes grooming and scissoring easier. Great for stud tail on cats.

Dilutes 32:1

A herbal shampoo with added conditioners for long-coated pets. Cleans & conditions at the same time.

Dilutes 16:1

Use to whiten & brighten for a healthy coat without irritation. Contains Optical Brightners used for colour enhancement on multicoloured coats & taking rust out of black coats.

Dilutes 16:1

Gently cleanses the skin and coat, leaving a pleasant berry scent that lasts for days. Recommended for puppies & kittens.

Dilutes 6:1

A great texturizing shampoo with conditioners. Removes tangles and has a long lasting fragrance. Safe for puppies & kittens.

Dilutes 16:1

Eliminates bad odors. For SKUNK use direct & follow with Odor Terminator spray. Safe for dogs, cats & small animals.

Dilutes 24:1

For animals with allergies that cannot tolerate most shampoos. A mild soap with coconut oils, that gently cleanse the skin & coat without causing allergic reactions.

Dilutes 32:1

A great texturizing shampoo with conditioners and deodorizers. Non-oily and won't lay the hair down. Cleans & re-moisturizes, adds highlights and body. Leaves a pleasant, long lasting fragrance. Safe for puppies, kittens & small animals

Dilutes 24:1

Medicated Shampoos

Soothing relief for dry, itchy skin. Restores natural moisture to skin & coat. For best results, follow up with our Oatmeal Cremé rinse.

Dilutes 11:1

Gentle soothing antiseptic shampoo. Aids in the relief of burns, abrasions and various skin problems. Safe for puppies, kittens & small animals.

Dilutes 50:1 or use direct if desired.

Soothes irritation caused by bacteria. An antiseptic, antifungal Iodine shampoo which aids in the relief of ringworm, hot spots, cuts & abrasions on dogs & cats.

Do not dilute.

A natural antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-itch shampoo with Australian Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca). Medicated, it penetrates to the skin to soothe and treat skin irritations, ringworm, hot spots, cuts and abrasions. Great for both dogs & cats.

Dilutes 6:1

Relieves itching due to dry flaky skin and works as an antifungal. Made with USP Bio Sulfur & Refined Topical Coal Tar. Stops hair loss and aids in the relief of psoriasis. May also be used on "scratches," a fungus found on horse's legs. Follow up with our Aloe Re-Moisturizer.


Dilutes 6:1

Alternatives to Pesticide Shampoos

Helps to control itching due to Flea & Tick infestation. Aloe Vera with D-limonene. Degreases, deodorizes, cleans and leaves coat looking healthy and shiny. For best results, follow up with one of our conditioners.

Dilutes 10:1

Conditioning shampoo containing Citrus, Kiwi and Melaleuca. Theraputic for hot spots and skin irritations. Safe for puppies, kittens & small animals.

Dilutes 8:1


Antimicrobial, antifungal & antibacterial. According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Neem is more effective than citrus, pyrethrins and eucalyptus. Medicated for relief of skin irritations, ringworm, hot spots, eczema and dermatitis. Great deodorizer for skunk/bad skin odors. Relieves itching due to flea & tick infestation and skin irritations. Safe for puppies & kittens.

For Dogs: Dilutes 2oz./gal.
For Cats: Dilutes 1oz./gal.


Replaces hot oil treatments, making them a thing of the past. Absorbs and adds moisture to extra dry skin coat. A great detangler that helps prevent matted coats without a waxy build-up and won't lay the hair down.

Use straight or dilute as desired.

Soothing relief for itching.Contains a natural oat grain derivative with emollients formulated to relieve dry skin and restore moisture.

Dilutes 24:1

A leave-in conditioner. Creates a brilliant shiny look. Helps eliminate split ends, tangles, frizz & static fly away. Removes under coat and tangles with ease. Non-oily/greasy. Dries totally clean leaving a great fragrance. Spray or Gel.

Use direct.


Spray colognes for dogs and cats for that special finishing touch. These colognes do not wet or dye coats and have a long lasting fragrence. Contact us for available scents.

Use Direct.

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